The meat tradition of the Wessel Family began in 1830. Since then, we have introduced special cuts and improved the traditional ones. In 1969, we brought the meat aging process to Brazil. In 1980, we launched the Carpaccio and, 1995, the Premium Burgers. We have developed cuts ready for specific dishes, in addition to several other specialties. Of course, after so many years at work, we also learned to cut something else: the costs. And that is how we came to create Wessel Controlled Portions. We ensure that our portions, with standards established by the customer, have minimum weight variation. The portions are already ready to cook. You just open the package, season and grill.


Wessel Controlled Portions packages are always vacuum packed. This package ensures the best preservation of the meat. We are very “economic” in terms of expiration period, since one of Wessel Controlled Portion principles is the non-necessity to maintain and care for large inventories for long periods of time. We want our customer to always have fresh products for the preparation of neat dishes, because time is enemy of food.


Hand-picked Meat

Anyone with the opportunity of enjoying one of our cuts acknowledges the history behind the Wessel brand. In 2018, we will celebrate our 60th anniversary. This is not a simple thing!