No one could imagine that burgers would reach their current status. They became an important dish just like any other in good kitchens. Of course, that did not happen with any burger; but our burgers don’t have only names, they have names and family names. That is why we produce the Rump Cap, Skirt, Tenderloin, Chicken Burgers, etc. All in several weights, from mini-burger with 42g (1.5 oz).  to the generous burger with 225g (8 oz). In common, an important fact: they are made only with meat and fat, with no additives or seasoning. That is why they are such a success!

We have reached the flavor balance that no one reached before. That is why the right selection of meats is essential in the composition of each of our burger.


There is an ideal size for your recipe, that is why our burgers are prepared with the most diverse weights. One of them will be perfect for the dish you have in mind.

  • 42g
  • 100g
  • 120g
  • 150g
  • 170g
  • 200g
  • 225g


We are very “economic” in terms of expiration period, since one of our principles is to help the customer be free of unnecessary storage and avoid the cross contamination in the kitchen. We want our customer to always have fresh products for the preparation of the dishes on each day, because time is the enemy of food.


Hand-picked Meat

Anyone with the opportunity of enjoying one of our cuts acknowledges the history behind the Wessel brand. In 2018, we will celebrate our 60th anniversary. This is not a simple thing!